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Pathfinder Online

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Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) fantasy roleplaying game, was in development by Paizo Inc., and was previously developed by Goblinworks.

Pathfinder Online took place in Pathfinder campaign setting, and was a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO roleplaying game where characters could explore, develop, and dominate the River Kingdoms, a treacherous no-man's-land of squabbling kingdoms on the edge of wilderness. Players could explore, adventure, develop, and dominate their domains by playing fighters, rogues, wizards, or any of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's many character types, or they could use the game's archetype system go beyond standard options.

Pathfinder Online's robust trading system put players in control of the world's economy with player-created items, consumables, fortifications, and settlements. Character-controlled settlements grew into full-fledged kingdoms that competed for resources as they seek to become the dominant force in the land, raising vast armies to hold their territory against the depredations of monstrous creatures, NPC factions, and other player characters.

Social organizations scale from small parties of a few adventurers to player nations inhabited by thousands. As settlements develop, the surrounding wilderness developed more complex and challenging features, including randomly generated encounters and resources as well as scripted adventures.


A computer game adaptation of the Pathfinder universe, Pathfinder Online, was launched on November 27, 2012 by Goblin Works and Paizo and was successful in attracting Kickstarter crowdfunding12 in 2013 to finance its development.3 An official alpha test was announced in late June 2014.4 Early enrollment was announced on July 29, 2015.2

On August 28, 2015, Goblinworks laid off most of its staff due to a lack of anticipated funding, and announced talks with publishers to continue work on Pathfinder Online.5 On March 17, 2017, Lisa Stevens announced that Paizo would fully take over and continue developing Pathfinder Online on its own, with a goal of opening enrollment in March 2018.6

Pathfinder Online shut down November 28, 2021.7

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