Nireed Wadincoast

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Nireed Wadincoast

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 64

Nireed Wadincoast is the proprietor of Silver Shore's most famous building, the unique Aquaretum, which serves as Magnimar's only aquarium as well as a unique museum. Nireed is renowned as a bit of an eccentric as is reflected by the bizarre collection of the Aquaretum. Despite his eccentricities Nireed is a known expert on life beneath the Varisian Gulf. He claims that hidden beneath the waves of the gulf are enormous sunken cities that would dwarf modern Magnimar, most pay no attention to these claims.1 With Varisia once being home to the ancient civilization of Thassilon and the realm of Bakrakhan slipping into the sea these tales are truer than most would guess.2


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