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Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 58

Naximarra is a descendant of a legendary red dragon named Baelgoroth, who raided and terrorized Avistan from the Inner Sea to the Stormspear Mountains for nearly a millennium before he was slain and his soul used to form an Orb of Dragonkind.1


Naximarra was aware of her ancestor's history for most of her life, but did not consider it to have any real impact on her current life until a storm giant warlord named Volstus acquired Baelgoroth's Orb of Dragonkind and began using it to dominate red dragons as part of a larger plan to conquer western Avistan. The possibility of her species becoming enslaved by Volstus' Orb and magic—an unacceptable possibility in the eyes of most dragons—convinced Naximarra to attempt to sabotage the storm giant's plans and take control of the Orb for herself, at which point her status as a descendant of Baelgoroth would allow her to use her breath to destroy the item. In addition to avoiding a potential future of slavery for red dragons, Naximarra also hopes that her actions will grant her influence and status among her kind.1

Naximarra's plans are impeded by the fact that she cannot come within 100 miles of Volstus and his Orb without risking detection and magical enslavement. She has resorted to spying on Volstus' growing giant armies in the Mindspin Mountains while invisible or in the shape of an animal, but seeks potential allies to aid her in her goals and is willing to work even with humanoids to avoid a future of servitude for her race.1


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