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Mother Grim Moon

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Mother Grim Moon

Source: What Grows Within, pg(s). 56

Mother Grim Moon, birth name Urnasp, is the spiritual leader of the ash giant tribes roaming the Parchlands, and a life-long devotee of Groetus.1


Mother Grim Moon is a twisted, blistered ash giant woman with painful bone spurs protruding from her flesh. She wears grime-stained, tattered leather.1


Mother Grim Moon lives with each ash giant tribe for a month before moving to another. Despite her fading senses and growing insanity, all ash giants in the Parchlands live in fear of her and her magic.1


Urnasp was born on the anniversary of the advent of the Age of Lost Omens. Due to her special birthday, she enjoyed a slight respite from the violence of her race. She protected herself by inventing bizarre magic that was creepy even to her tribe's hardened hunters, and when Urnasp was an adolescent, she had already mastered her own method of haruspicy and astrology. As the tribe disagreed about whether to kill her before she summoned demons upon them, or to bow to her magic, Urnasp declared that she would enter accursed Neruzavin to see her future.1

Urnasp returned as Mother Grim Moon in a raging sandstorm during a war between the ash giants and the girtablilus. The whirling sands revealed Groetus' holy symbol, and under this sign, the victorious ash giants acknowledged Mother Grim Moon as their saviour.1


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