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the First of Mute Seers
Source: The End of Eternity, pg(s). 60

Mek'm'liis, the First of Mute Seers is a keketar protean who has had his signature rune crown (the mark of a keketar) shorn away; his lack of crown is probably his most distinguishing feature. A member of the Chorus of Serene Radiance, Mek'm'liis was summoned by a mortal wizard who bound him into servitude and magically stripped his crown from him. While Mek'm'liis was bound to the wizard's will, the rest of his chorus were not. The other members of the Chorus of Serene Radiance took a terrible vengeance on the wizard, not only killing him but completely destroying his personal demiplane. During this destruction, the arcane focus containing Mek'm'liis's crown was lost and killing the wizard did not return it. Worse, shortly after this strange loss of their crown spread to the other members of the Chorus of Serene Radiance. Mek'm'liis and the rest of his chorus now search for any means to reverse this bizarre curse, using imentesh proxies to seek out answers beyond the Maelstrom's borders. Mek'm'liis is also more likely to negotiate with mortal intruders into the Maelstrom, if he thinks they can help heal his curse.1


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