Chorus of Serene Radiance

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Chorus of Serene Radiance

Protean chorus
Cure their mysterious curse
Source: The End of Eternity, pg(s). 59

The Chorus of Serene Radiance is a protean chorus that is now focused on curing their own mysterious curse. Centuries ago, a keketar member of the Chorus of Serene Radiance called Mek'm'liis, the First of Mute Seers was summoned by a mortal wizard who stripped him of his crown (a ring of magical symbols that all keketars have) and bound him to his service. While Mek'm'liis was bound to the wizard's service, this binding did not stop the other members of his chorus reaping a terrible vengeance on the foolish mortal. After destroying the mortal wizard's demiplane, the Chorus of Serene Radiance was unable to locate Mek'm'liis's missing crown, and what was worse, its absence began spreading like a curse, with all the other keketar members of the chorus soon losing their own crowns. Now the Chorus of Serene Radiance's sole focus is finding a way to return their missing crowns, willing to undertake any course of action no matter how dire. However, they are surprisingly open to dealing with mortals and other intruders into the Maelstrom.1


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