Houses of Perfection

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Houses of Perfection
The Monastery of Unblinking Flame, one of Jalmeray's Houses of Perfection.

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 84f.

The greatest of Jalmeray's many monastic orders are known collectively as the Houses of Perfection or, sometimes, as the Schools of Perfection.1 They are known throughout the Inner Sea region for their teaching of the spiritual and mental arts from the distant East, especially when applied to fighting. They are called the Monastery of Untwisting Iron, the Monastery of Unfolding Wind and the Monastery of Unblinking Flame.23 In 4718 AR, a fourth House of Perfection, the Monastery of Unbreaking Waves, re-emerged from centuries of desolation after being destroyed by a tsunami.45

Sajan spars with a fellow monk in the Houses of Perfection.

All are welcome to attempt a series of seemingly impossible challenges in order to gain acceptance as a student of one of the Houses—race a djinni, wrestle a shaitan, and outwit an efreeti—and many come from all over the Inner Sea region and from Vudra to learn.3 Those who fail the challenges might still be accepted for training by one of the lesser monastic orders. Once every ten years the Houses compete with each other in the Challenge of Sky and Heaven. As of 4708 AR, the Monastery of Untwisting Iron has won the last two Challenges.2

The three Houses of Perfection are located on the eastern road out of Niswan.6


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