Grandmother Pei

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Grandmother Pei

Pu Yae Men
Monk 13
None (atheist)
4639 AR1 (age 85)
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 19

Grandmother Pei, born Pu Yae Men, is the autocratic ruler of the communist dictatorship of Bachuan in Tian Xia.

Pu Yae Men was her family's only survivor of the brutal post-revolution re-education camps. The sixth and last wife of the nation's founder, Grandfather Pei, the beautiful young woman married her husband when she was only 16, and eventually gained an appointment to Bachuan's governing Sun Chamber. Upon Grandfather's death in 4668 AR, Pu Yae Men, now 29, ascended to chairmanship of the Sun Chamber, outmaneuvering many older, more experienced politicians.2

Now known as Grandmother Pei, she is a zealous believer in her late husband's philosophy, and has turned the nation toward a much harsher vision of communism than Grandfather ever intended. Grandmother, now herself an elderly woman, seeks to spread her secular gospel throughout Tian Xia by whatever means possible. Her fiercest hostility has been directed to the neighboring nation of Hwanggot; though violence has yet to break out, all-out war looms on the horizon.2


  1. Calculated from her being 29 when Grandfather Pei dies in 4668.
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