Grandfather Pei

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Grandfather Pei

Bachuan (formerly Lung Wa)
None (atheist)
4668 AR (age 101)
Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 19

Grandfather Pei was the leader of the revolution in which Pen Wa Province seceded from Imperial Lung Wa, and the founder of the state of Bachuan. A peasant-scholar of humble origins, Grandfather formulated the political philosophy of communism, rallying the common folk of Pen Wa against the corrupt Lung Wa priests and politicians, successfully establishing the Republic of Bachuan as an independent nation in 4606 AR.1

Grandfather governed Bachuan as the head of the Sun Chamber for the rest of his life, presiding over the construction of the new capital city, Peijia. In theory, his new system of government was meant to lead to the equality of all citizens, but after his marriage to Pu Yae Men, better known as Grandmother Pei, his premiership took a violent turn, marked by prison camps and ideological purges; most blamed his young sixth wife for this turn. With Grandfather's death (peacefully, in his sleep) at the age of 101 in 4668 AR, Bachuan was left fully in the hands of his zealous, warmongering widow.1