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Goblin dog

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Goblin dog

Goblin dogs are foul-smelling, rodent-faced canines with temperaments that match those of their goblin masters.12


The face of a goblin dog resembles that of a giant rat, and the constantly diseased and seemingly malnourished state of these creatures serves only to reinforce this impression. They are constantly accompanied by a horrendous stench, which only goblins seem to be able to tolerate for any length of time.1


Despite a goblin dog's sickly appearance, caused by a type of mange that plagues the species, the beasts are highly resistant to disease. That said, they shed large amounts of dander that irritates the skin and results in an allergic reaction known as goblin rash amongst most creatures. These canines are skilled pack hunters, well adapted to stalking and bringing down prey even in the darkest of nights.1

Habitat, ecology, and society

Goblin dogs are selfish creatures, and will readily abandon their pack mates rather than share a little-known source of food. These beasts are often kept by goblin tribes, who use them as guardians or even as mounts if more desirable steeds are not readily available.1


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