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A fuath.

Any water
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 142

Delighting in causing the drowning of creatures, fuaths are gremlins who sabotage ships and boats. These gremlins often serve sea hags, sometimes taking on religious worship of the hag.1


Roughly humanoid in shape, fuaths have faces that resemble canines and webbed ears. Fuaths also have lobster-like claws in place of hands and a hard carapace. They often wear sea shells and pieces of coral.1 While they do not have bones beneath their claws and carapace, they do have skulls and bones in their upper arms and legs, making them an odd mixture of both crustacean and mammal.2

Habitat and ecology

Fuaths live mostly underwater, though near the coasts. As amphibious beings, they came ashore to raid for "land meat", which they prefer. As gremlins, they seek to instill chaos in the world, and fuaths specialize in causing chaos on ships by sabotaging ropes, jibs, and sails. As they are vulnerable to sunlight, fuaths usually only come aboard at night. They also make alliances with reefclaws and have a natural ability to train aquatic animals to guard their lairs.1 Fuaths who successfully take a ship will eat all of the humanoid inhabitants on board, which they then use as bait for other ships to investigate. Mobs of fuaths who do this often attach themselves to the underside of the ships.2 Fuaths are more common in cooler waters, with the largest known fuath colony spotted in the waters of the Ironbound Archipelago.3


Fuaths can create water at will, but perhaps more dangerously, they can create a patch of magically viscous water once per day that can entangle and drown the unsuspecting.1


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