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Zova, the shifter, assumes the shape of a falcon.

Source: Animal Archive, pg(s). inside back cover

A falcon is a kind of predatory bird, sometimes used by falconers to hunt small prey like squirrels, rabbits, or even other birds like doves.1

Falcons are adaptable to many different climates and biomes, and can be found all over Golarion.

Different varieties of falcons can vary in size from as small as nine inches up to two feet.

Falcons are a favoured animal of Sarenrae.2


A falconer is one who raises, cares for, or utilizes a falcon in some way, usually for hunting small game.

Associated creatures

A falcon is one of the more common lineages that can determine the appearance, such as their feather colour or beak shape, of some wereraptors.3


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