Devil's Perch

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Devil's Perch
Nation Cheliax, Archduchy of Hellcoast
Capital Blackridge
Ruler Provisional Governor Parsellon Alterras
Government Autocratic noble
Languages Taldane
Religions Asmodeus

Source: Nightglass, pg(s). 161ff

Devil's Perch is a mountainous area in the southwestern Menador Mountains in the far west of Cheliax, and is home to a race of winged humanoids known as the strix.[1] It is also a Chelish province, overseen by Provisional Governor Parsellon Alterras from the capital of Blackridge and defended by the Hellknight Order of the Gate out of Citadel Enferac.[2] It is nominally part of the Archduchy of Hellcoast, but due to widespread defiance of Chelish rule, many of its inhabitants operate independently.[3]


The economic lure of rumored gold deposits drew imperial attention and led to Cheliax founding the town of Blackridge and installing Parsellon Alterras as its provisional governor some time after 4700 AR. While rumors of gold never materialized and strix raids decimated one prospecting party after another, a prospector named Sorvus discovered silver near the strix roost of Crackspike around 4711 AR. (Sorvus died within a day of reporting his find, reverting ownership of the claim to Cheliax.)[2]

Crackspike swiftly became a boomtown of ramshackle housing, taverns, and brothels, but was subsequently razed in a strix ambush that also killed 20 Order of the Gate Hellknight signifers, including their captain, Paralictor Erevullo.[4][5] After a second defeat of a 100-strong Chelish war party at Tokarai Springs in 4712 AR, the Chelaxians—represented by Order of the Gate Paralictor Adarai, Parsellon Alterras, and Chelaxian battlemage Velenne—forged a truce with the strix leader Kirii that limited their operations to a temporary encampment at Sorvus's Strike near Crackspike.[6]


The mountainous terrain of the Devil's Perch is nearly impossible to navigate by land; it is plagued by deep abysses followed by near-vertical rock spires. This dramatic landscape has inspired the people of western Cheliax to create terrifying folktales about the region for centuries, and the presence of winged men who do not look kindly upon trespassers have only increased its reputation.[7] Its few navigable passes are prone to flooding in the spring and snow during the region's long, brutal winters.[8]


Devil's Perch is sparsely settled by humans, and most of its land is unfarmable dust and rocky hills or mountains. Its most notable permanent settlements include:

When under Cheliax's sway, the city of Pezzack might be considered part of Devil's Perch, and many people of the Perch hold some sympathy for the Pezzacki cause.[11][12] However, Pezzack has remained in a state of open rebellion since the ascension of House Thrune to Chelish rule.[13][14]


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