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Host of the Fleshforged
Large city
90% human, 3% gnome, 1% ghoran, 6% other
Appointed administrator
Principle Fleshforger Dunn Palovar
Principle Mindforger Hectela Djaq, Principle Spiritforger Imirh the Amaranthine
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 132 (1E)
Impossible Lands, pg(s). 271 (2E)

Ecanus is a fortress-city in southern Nex that was established during the centuries-long war with neighbouring Geb. It is a sprawling city that serves as the hub of Nex's arcane-powered military. Here the battle mages that make up the backbone of the army are trained in a mixture of potent evocation and battle tactics. The city is also famous for its fleshforges: building-sized artefacts created by the archmage Nex himself that provide the terrifying war beasts which support the battle mages. The fleshforges are responsible for many of the nightmarish creatures which roam the wastelands of Nex, the Barrier Wall mountains, the Mana Wastes, and even the Mwangi Expanse.1

The city is the terminus of a trade route that winds its way south through the Mana Wastes, ending at the Gebbite town of Graydirge.2


Built many long years ago during the war against Geb, Ecanus's fleshforges have sat largely unused for centuries. In recent years they have, however began to create monstrosities of their own accord, creating problems for the city.3

One fleshforge had an even more horrifying creation. In 4708 a giant mass of flesh, dubbed simply The Awful, burst from one of the fleshforges, devouring all the people and buildings in its path; the incident became known as The Evisceration. It continues to expand, slowly consuming an entire district of Ecanus. The soliders of the city spend every day dealing with the stinking flesh in the hopes of stopping it destroying the whole city.4

Inhabitants of interest

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