Valkus Isle

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' Valkus Isle' is a large island off the eastern coast of Garund and claimed by the nation of Nex. At one time, it was a relatively peaceful land of plantations. Its only real settlement, the coastal town of Khulo, was a popular vacation spot for the nobility of nearby Quantium on the mainland.1

The archmage Nex decided the island's remote and rugged interior was an ideal spot to build a palace. It was here that he conducted some of his first experiments in manipulating the planes—the first steps on the long road that would eventually lead to his creation of the Crux of Nex. However, his experiments here went badly wrong. Planar forces and strange monsters ran amok on the island, and Nex was forced to contain them using the Stalwart Wall.1

The Wall contained the threat, but turned the entire island into an inescapable prison. Since then, Valkus Isle has been used as a dumping ground for unwanted prisoners, dangerous monsters, and anything else the rulers of Nex wish to rid themselves of.1


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