Brotherhood of Abadar

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Brotherhood of Abadar

Street enforcers
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 34

The Brotherhood of Abadar are street enforcers operating in Absalom's Ivy District. Compared to district's official guard, the Thistleguard, they are much more strict and favored by locals.1

They are led by a paladin named Bor Dralfo, who is attached to the Vault of Abadar and currently facing opposition from the leader of the guild of local street performers and Ivy District Nomarch, Alain Always.2 While Bor Dralfo is the leader, Haven Bannister is the one who hands out most of the Brotherhood's punishing beatings.3 The whole organization is primarily sponsored by Jostlin Ferqyr, Ivy District Councilwoman and the Keeper of the Vault of Abadar.4

The Brotherhood of Abadar has taken upon themselves to do what the city guard will not, and are quite active around many local businesses and areas. The following places have drawn their attention:5

  • The Ivy Playhouse for pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in Absalom. The members of the Brotherhood have been investigating the theater, its patrons, and the members of the Street Performers and Actors' Guild for questionable ethics of the plays and illegal activities. As a result, the Brotherhood has been banned from the premises, though they continue to question guests as they approach the building.
  • The Wandering Monster, a small park, is now being patrolled by the Brotherhood after the Thistleguard started harassing local performers and forcing them to join the Street Performers and Actors' Guild.
  • The Flower Street Market is patrolled by the Brotherhood, its members checking vendor licenses and watching for thieves.
  • The Brotherhood regularly stops at the Gutless Griffon to scold its owner for the venue's less legal practices.
  • The Vault of Abadar is patrolled by the Brotherhood's members at all hours.


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