Anthusis Harbor

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Eleder Harbor is a huge masterwork of old-style Chelish design and engineering. Wealthy merchants and other influential city folk commissioned the dredging of the new harbor in order to protect their investments in Eleder. The harbor can accommodate the docking requirements of large ocean-faring ships and safeguard them against attacks. At the harbor mouth, jetties slow currents and tempestuous waters, also providing the harbormaster power over ships entering and leaving the port. Within the harbor, a sprawling array of granite block piers provides docking for ships of every size from a dozen different countries. A sandy shoal divides the harbor into two main sections, separating the Portside docks and the granite piers of New Haliad from the Grallus Lock. Grallus Lock is a large channel in the harbor currently owned by the Nine Forts Collective and converted into a private slave market.1


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