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Vonran Vilk

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Vonran Vilk

Master of Blades (formerly)
Source: Pathfinder Society Guide, pg(s). 51

Vonran Vilk is a scholar, swordsman, and former venture-captain and Master of Blades within Absalom's Pathfinder Society. In 4712 AR, Vilk was infected with lycanthropy after being attacked by werewolves during his retirement, and then murdered several people in Ardis over a span of four months before being captured by Pathfinders and cured.12

During his rampage and before being captured, residents of Ardis referred to Vilk as the Midnight Mauler. The Pathfinder Society strove to mask his identity while attempting to capture him in order to preserve their presence in Ustalav,2 a decision which the Society still regrets.1


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