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Download a free sample chapter of Prince of Wolves today!

Just like the title says, you can now get a sample chapter of Paizo's forthcoming debut Pathfinder Tales novel, Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross, on their daily blog! (here) I'm not reading it, for fear of spoiling some of the experience of delving into the pages of the first official Pathfinder novel in August, but I am incredibly excited by the simple title of the chapter, "Dance of the Sczarni." Varian Jeggare, Radovan, sczarni? All before chapter three? Sign me up!

And here I thought the announcement and release of the Pathfinder Tales web fiction was more Pathfinder fiction goodness than I could reasonably handle in one week! Perhaps I should say, "I'm so excited about the forthcoming Serpent's Skull adventure path. I simply couldn't handle an announcement of what sort of campaign we can expect to follow it." What sort of awesome are you going to follow that up with, Paizo? Hmm?

What are you most excited about with regards to the future of Pathfinder fiction or Pathfinder in general? Let us know in the Grand Lodge forum, the comments of this blog post, on Facebook, twitter, or in your own blog post! We don't have to wait for August to start delving into the glories Prince of Wolves will provide, so let's get started!