Ten Thousand Summer Palace

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In the time of Imperial Lung Wa, the Ten Thousand Summer Palace in southern Bachuan, on the northern eaves of the Chang Liao Jungle,1 was a favorite winter retreat for many emperors. The palace was an enormous walled compound tended by a vast staff of sorcerers and clerics. During the Bachuan Revolution, the palace was besieged by the revolutionary armies, but its spellcasting inhabitants shut its gates and blasted the rebellious peasants to ash. The palace's gates never opened again.2

Although the revolution succeeded in taking over Bachuan, no infiltrators have entered the Ten Thousand Summer Palace and returned to tell the tale, with one single exception. A mercenary from Minkai emerged, covered in glowing sigils and clutching a gigantic emerald, only to die as he stumbled into a nearby village muttering the words, "...beautiuful...terrible..."2