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Fiction status
Create Citation Template & Redirect for ebooks To Do
Create Table of Contents To Do
Complete Character Template To Do
Finish Main Page To Do
Create Index Page To Do
Add Final Cover Artwork to Main Page & Index Page To Do
Add Final ISBN nos., including ebook To Do
Complete Index: All Articles Listed & Standard Format Applied To Do
All Red Links Done To Do
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{{Fiction status}} is for use on meta pages for works of Pathfinder fiction. All of the parameters are optional but none should be omitted when creating the template. Any parameter left blank is automatically marked as To Do. When you have completed one of the tasks, simply apply a signature in the template against the task and make any relevant comments.

The template also automatically places the Meta page into Category:Fiction tasks.


{{Fiction status
| cite       = 
| cite       = 
| toc        = 
| characters = 
| mainpage   = 
| indexpage  = 
| cover      = 
| isbn       = 
| index      = 
| redlinks   = 
| complete   = 


facts (optional)
Create Facts Page—An easy way to create a new facts page can be found on the top of the matching Category:Facts category.
cite (optional)
Create Citation Template & Redirect for ebooks—This typically happens automatically if the facts page is created. The facts page will show a link to the generated citation template on the top.
toc (optional)
Create Table of Contents—the table of contents has been created plus, if relevant, links to the chapters on the Paizo website.
characters (optional)
Complete Character Template—the {{Characters}} template has been added to the work's page under the heading "Characters" and is completely filled in.
mainpage (optional)
Finish Main Page—mark this parameter complete when the main page for a fiction work has been finished with all sections included and completed. A completed page should have the following: a {{Badges}} template with the parameter "|real" set; a {{Infobox/Book}} template; an introductory description of the work; Paizo's marketing material for the work as a quotation; a "Characters" section; a table of contents section; an index section; a plot summary section; the {{Fiction navbox}} applied; appropriate categories added.
It may also optionally have sections containing any references; links to relevant external articles about the author or fiction; discussion about continuity or chronology; a gallery of artwork.
indexpage (optional)
Create Index Page—historically, this meant that the {{Index}} template had been added to the page under the heading of "Index" and the /Index page for the work had been created correctly. See The Walkers from the Crypt/Index for such a page. Latterly on PathfinderWiki, we have adopted a tabular index on the fiction's main page, such as for the web fiction Crisis of Faith. Mark this parameter complete in this latter instance when an "Index" section has been created and an index navbox has been started.
cover (optional)
Add Final Cover Artwork to Main Page & Index Page—the cover artwork has been added to the {{Infobox/Book}} template and to any /Index page.
isbn (optional)
Add Final ISBN nos., including ebook—all the relevant ISBN numbers have been added to the {{Infobox/Book}} template. This parameter is called out separately in the Fiction tasks template as sometimes there is a lag between the fiction being published on the Paizo website and its publication in alternative formats that require an ISBN number.
index (optional)
Complete Index: All Articles Listed & Standard Format Applied—either the /Index page or the index navbox has been completed with all formatting correctly applied and all canonical items from the fiction incorporated.
redlinks (optional)
All Red Links Done—all the indexed items in the work's index have had a page created and no red links exist in the index.
complete (optional)
Fill in this parameter when everything above in the Fiction status template is completed. When this parameter is set, the Meta page is automatically removed from Category:Fiction tasks as there is no more work to be done.