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{{Badges}} places badges in the upper right of an article to flag it with certain properties, and in some cases also categorizes the article appropriately.



The following parameters may be used:

Note: Featured, real, spoiler/spoiled, retconned, and 1E articles are added automatically to their respective categories: Category:PathfinderWiki featured articles, Category:Real-world articles, Category:Articles containing spoilers, Category:Articles about retroactively removed subjects, and Category:Articles with first-edition content.

If spoiled or retconned has an argument, the alt text (tooltip) of the badge displays a warning that the article contains spoilers for the listed works. Anonymous users (logged-out or without an account), and logged-in users who have enabled the spoiled badge gadget, also see a banner also appears across the top of an article containing the parameter's value.


{{Badges|spoiled=[[The Skinsaw Murders|Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path: The Skinsaw Murders]]}}