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{{Abyssal realm}} is for use in any article about an Abyssal realm. Some parameters are optional and can be left blank. If undefined, these optional parameters will not appear. The recommended image width is 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size. This template was derived from the previous PathfinderWiki {{Book}} template, which was initially borrowed from, and future additions based upon, the Book Template at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.


{{Abyssal realm
| image       = 
| titles      = 
| name        = 
| ruler       = 
| ecology     = 
| denizens    = 
| description = 
| imagesof    = 
| source      = 
| page        = 


image (optional)
An image representing the Abyssal realm or a dominant figure of the realm.
titles (optional)
Other names used to refer to the realm,
name (optional)
The primary name used to refer to the realm.
ruler (optional)
The realm's ruler, if any. This is almost always a demon lord.
ecology (optional)
A description of the realm's properties.
denizens (optional)
A description of the realm's inhabitants.
description (optional)
A general description of the realm's appearance.
imagesof (optional)
A link to the category containing images of the realm. If omitted, this automatically links to a [[Category:Images of ...]] category using the page name if one already exists.
source & page (optional)
The source wherein the realm was first published or from which the most information is available. Link the title, and include page number if possible.


Shax, the ruler of Charnelhome
(Abyssal realm)

A vast bog surrounds the house
Shax's victims
Immense house of countless sinister rooms
Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 24, 40
{{Abyssal realm
| image       = [[File:Shax.jpg|250px|Shax, the ruler of Charnelhome]]
| titles      = 
| name        = Charnelhome
| ruler       = [[Shax]]
| ecology     = A vast bog surrounds the house
| denizens    = Shax's victims
| description = Immense house of countless sinister rooms
| source      = [[Lords of Chaos]]
| page        = 24, 40