Stone Ring Pond

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Adventurers reflected in the waters of Stone Ring Pond.

Stone Ring Pond is a small pond surrounded by landmark standing stones and situated on an overlook near Otari. The pond's waters are preternaturally still and reflective, and 24 age-weathered standing stones, each 12 feet high, surround it.1


Residents of Otari visit Stone Ring Pond to glimpse the future in its waters, or to seek advice from the reclusive but welcoming druids and naturalists who camp around it.1

While most who camp at the pond travel seasonally, one gnome druid named Worliwynn has lived near Stone Ring Pond for 25 years, and has become a de facto guide and teacher for improving the yields and sustainability of the town's fisheries and forests even though she has avoided entering the town for years.1


Many who live near Stone Ring Pond follow Gozreh, deity of wind and waves, and the pond's waters are sacred to them. Some use the waters of prediction ritual to peer into the future.1


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