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Cold hills
Source: Flight of the Red Raven, pg(s). 28-29

Snowdrifters are mimics of great ability able to assume any form. They are made out of snow and are held together only by the malevolent will of their own souls.


When not in the form of something else, snowdrifters appear as humanoids made out of wisps of swirling snow. Normally when seen it is in the form of another creature as this is how it hunts. Then it is nearly identical to the creature it is mimicking except that it is always colored a pale grey and its voice, when it speaks in mimic form, is always quiet and distant, as if carried on the wind.1

Habitat & Ecology

Snowdrifters live on the borders between civilization and frozen wastelands. Sometimes during the harshest winters, snowdrifters even find their way into civilization itself. Snowdrifters need to feed off the body heat of living, preferably sentient creatures. Their preferred tactic is to take on the form of their last victim to lure more people away from the safety of warmth. Snowdrifters are made entirely of snow and are resistant to most weapons. Snowdrifters are supposedly created when a person freezes to death.1


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A snowdrifter can assume the form of any creature the same size as it and near-perfectly mimic its shape.
As long as a snowdrifter is in the cold it can disperse into a flurry of snowflakes making it immune to physical damage.
A snowdrifter's attack drains heat and vigour from its victim.1


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