Snackary Barkiss

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Snackary Barkiss

Barkiss the Belligerent
Source: Firebrands, pg(s). 39

The infamous late halfling Firebrand Snackary Barkiss, also known as Barkiss the Belligerent, died with a reputation as one of the greatest known carousers. He is best remembered for two things: being banned from every port and tavern in the Inner Sea region for his filthy language and raging disruptive benders, and the final days-long bender that claimed his life.1

Barkiss's final bender

Barkiss considered himself to be duty-bound to create distractions for Firebrand subterfuge. His final such act, however, initiated a wild bender that stretched across five days and left a trail of destruction in its wake.1

This final bender resulted in nine housefires, four carriage thefts, sixteen injuries to guards, the escape of a drake that then ate fourteen sheep, and two reports of missing persons. The only humanoid death, however, was of Barkiss himself, whose heart gave out after eventually recapturing the drake.1

Firebrands and halflings mark the anniversary of Barkiss's death by kissing their local tavern's bar.1


Barkiss's face and curly hair were well known across the Inner Sea region, as it was posted on the many mugshots prohibiting his presence.1


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