Seib of House Slavikes

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Seib of House Slavikes

Primarch of Absalom (formerly; ?4659 AR)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 57

Seib of House Slavikes was Primarch of Absalom until 4659 AR. Due to the death of Aroden, talent drain of the Mendevian Crusades, decline in sea trade due to natural disasters, and isolation from other nations and Tian Xia, Primarch Seib borrowed heavily from House Thrune and Cheliax for decades, stoking fears that the city would become a Chelish puppet state. This led to open conflict, crime, and an economy increasingly dependent on slave and drug trades. His rule ended with his death, and he was succeeded by Gyr of House Gixx the following year.1 His death triggered serious rioting in Absalom.2


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