Scrawny Crossing

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Scrawny Crossing

Abandoned Hamlet
Scrag/ulat-kini cross-breeds
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 45

The abandoned hamlet of Scrawny Crossing is in the western River Kingdoms. It served as a ferry crossing and caravan stop until 4706 AR, when its inhabitants disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Unbeknownst to the folk of the region, Scrawny Crossing now serves as a base for a band of aquatic slaversscrag/ulat-kini cross-breeds. These monsters capture humanoids for use in strange experiments. Their leaders are a naga ("Lord Slissk"), a scrag sorcerer ("Thult-Lorth") and a sea hag ("Mother Slug"), although they in turn take their orders from a telepathic creature that might be an alghollthu master.1

Stranger still, next to the ruins of Scrawny Crossing's old smith sits an oddity known as the Boiling Well, a well whose water always came out at body temperature. Unbeknownst to anyone living there, this was because the well harboured a secret soulgate that linked to the Infernal Duke Eaqueo's domain of the Finishing Knot on Hell's first layer, Avernus.2


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