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Scepter, far left, as a member of Her Majestrix's Expeditionary.

Source: Entombed with the Pharaohs, pg(s). 27

Scepter is currently a member of Her Majestrix's Expeditionary, an adventuring party lead by the Paracount Julistar of Cheliax involved in the liberation of antiquities. Scepter was hired as the Paracount's private sniper and is known for wielding a wand rifle.1

Background as a Pathfinder

Scepter was a celebrated Pathfinder, the protege of the famed Pathfinder Kal Tarrow. Scepter's best known work includes Volume 56 of the Pathfinder Chronicles in which he contributed maps and accounts of the Gozarin Necropolis in central Osirion.2

Scepter, however, later abandoned the Pathfinder Society in favor of the life as a freelance evoker assassin, pilfering several Pathfinder trade secrets and killing a number of former companions during his sudden exit.1 Some speculate he is responsible for the death of Kaldis Blacksquall, who was found dead the morning after Scepter left; since then, he has employed magic to change his physical appearance, assuming a new identity to evade retribution.1


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