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The Community Use Policy grants fans permission to use Paizo Inc.-copyrighted artwork for non-commercial use, under specific terms. This wiki thrives only by following the CUP and using artwork in accordance to it.

This project supports this wiki's use of media available under the CUP by improving how artworks are added and managed on the wiki.

Project goals

As media is added to the site, it is important that credit be given to the artists and/or copyright holders. Most of the art on the site will most likely come from Paizo's blog, which we have been given permission to include here (with credit). The purpose of this project is to ensure that credit is properly given, and that artists are cited when known. Additionally, creation and maintenance of artist galleries and source categories enable searching for art by its creator and application.



All artwork included on the wiki should include credit and source information. All File pages should employ the {{File}} template that includes a credit; if a credit is omitted, {{File}} will automatically categorize the image into Category:Artwork by unknown artists.

Wikimedia Commons artwork

If a piece of artwork is not affiliated with Pathfinder but used to illustrate a concept—for instance, images from Wikimedia Commons that correspond to real-life or common mythological creatures—this can be resolved using the artist=none and artistd features of {{File}} to show the artist credit but not categorize by the artist's name on this wiki. For instance, File:450px-Quetzalcoatlus northropi 01.jpg uses the following:

== Summary ==

| year     = 2009
| copy     = René Kastner
| artist   = None
| artistd  = René Kastner
| print    = Unpublished
| summary  = [[Quetzalcoatlus]].
| keyword1 = quetzalcoatlus

Even in these instances, remember to link to the source work, preferably using the {{From Wikimedia}} template:

== Licensing ==

{{From Wikimedia|}}

Externally sourced images

Some copyrighted artwork, while not released for our use under the CUP, is still available on external sites such as artists' portfolios. We can link to and include these images without uploading them to the wiki, which would violate the CUP.

Such images should be used sparingly, only with the artist's knowledge and permission, and always linked to their source using the {{External}} template and its source parameter:

| image  =
| width  = 250
| source =
| alt    = An image of a bulette by Ben Wootten. Copyright Paizo Inc.

Images that use {{External}} but do not use the source parameter are added to Category:Unsourced external images. Adding text using the alt parameter that credits the artist and copyright holder is also appreciated, both for credit and visitor accessibility.

Copyright template

All media should contain one of the copyright boilerplates found in Category:Copyright templates. The upload page includes a dropdown menu of commonly used copyright templates. For images covered by the Community Use Policy, use the arguments in {{Paizo CUP}} to identify and link to the source.


All images should be categorized by artist's name, source, subject, and year of first publication. As long as an image uses the {{File}} template, most of these categories will automatically be assigned. See Help:Uploading files for details.

Gallery creation

Once art has been categorized, set up galleries for each artist. Include biographical and professional information in the artist's page, linking to the artist's homepage if possible. See Wayne Reynolds for an example. Using the DynamicPageList extension can simplify this process.


This project was created on June 12, 2008 by Yoda8myhead and led by Oznogon from 2015 to 2017.

All Paizo-owned artwork included in the Community Use Package has been added as of May 10, 2012. Currently, many articles need to be ported from using {{Image info}} to using the more intuitive {{File}}. For a list of such images, see Category:Files using Template:Image info.
This is all but done; only a handful of biographical photographs that aren't well suited by the current {{File}} template continue to use {{Image info}}. I believe most, and maybe all, images that used untemplated credit wikitext have been converted as well. The primary remaining issue for image metadata is to find and credit images that have no summary or credits in any form.
All done a while ago. I've deleted the category. —Oznogon (talk) 16:20, 17 July 2015 (UTC)
Some other tasks I've taken on with images include:
  • Creating and using {{Clean cover}} to link artwork used on product covers with the published versions. As of 2015, all clean covers until 2016 use {{Clean cover}}.
  • Summarizing images to improve search results using the summary feature in {{File}}
  • Categorizing images using the keywordx feature in {{File}}. Forum:Racial/ethnic keywords for iconics? discusses one issue related to these categories.
  • Updating outdated or redirected URLs in older images' {{Cite web}} templates. I'm exploring ways to automatically check dead or redirected links automatically using a combination of MediaWiki API tools or special URLs and curl.
  • Adding new images and logos recently included in the CUP archives, and backfilling artwork covered by the CUP from past Paizo blog posts
--Oznogon (talk) 02:39, 27 November 2014 (UTC)
Revisiting this project. As of this edit, there are 892 images on the wiki without an artist credit, including
  • Many images where we can at least whittle down the possibilities via sourcebook art credits
  • Many flag, rune, and icon images which are likely all by the same artist
  • Many Pathfinder Society cover images with artwork that should be relatively easy to source, either by virtue of being reused Bestiary art credited in those books, or art by one of only two or three artists credited in the scenario.
I'd also like to get into the habit of crediting artists whose work appears in sourcebooks, even if it hasn't been uploaded to the wiki, but I'm not sure of the best way to go about it. The "Artwork by" categories should probably remain limited to actual images, but I'd like a similar way to recognize and track artists as we can authors via the "Works by" categories. -Oznogon (talk) 21:28, 30 November 2016 (UTC)
I've finished adding source links to all images that use the {{External}} template. Category:External images missing image attribute is empty but should not be deleted so it can serve in ongoing maintenance. -Oznogon (talk) 19:35, 30 December 2016 (UTC)
Per Special:WikiForum/CUP_copyright_template_(Implemented), the {{Paizo CUP}} template now takes optional arguments to identify the type of source (such as the Paizo Blog, or a Community Use Package, etc.) and to provide the URL. These arguments also autocategorize the images by source, which should help users confirm that a given image is compatible with the CUP and which types of CUP usage are allowed. -Oznogon (talk) 05:44, 7 July 2017 (UTC)