Magma ooze

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Magma ooze
Type Ooze
Environment Any volcano or underground

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 184

Magma oozes are living masses of molten rock found in places of intense heat and magic. While most common at the boundaries of the Plane of Fire and the Plane of Earth, they can also be found in volcanoes and subterranean pockets of magma.[1]

Due to their molten nature, magma oozes are highly vulnerable to water, and exposure to it runs the risk of petrifying them until the water recedes.[1]


Numerous variants of magma ooze exist, usually brought about by peculiarities in the rock and the magic from which they formed:

  • Brimstone oozes are formed under the influence of fiendish magic, and their surfaces are covered in patterns reminiscent of monstrous faces.[1]
  • Crystalline oozes form from rock rich in minerals. They contain numerous pockets of gas, which when struck tend to erupt violently.[1]
  • Poisonous oozes are highly toxic in addition to being burning hot, whether due to the presence of toxic compounds in the rocks from which they formed, or because they arose in magically contaminated areas.[1]


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