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Godmind of Axis;
Transcendental Council of the Defined Infinite

Collective consciousness
Guidance of axiomite society
Governance of Axis
Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 28

The Godmind, more formally known as the Godmind of Axis or Transcendental Council of the Defined Infinite, is a collective consciousness that governs axiomite society in Axis.1


Axiomite society is inwardly focused and divided into three groups, mirroring the Threefold Pillars of Axis: Knowledge, Enforcement, and Administration. The First Pillar focuses on researching the history and laws of the planes beyond Axis and the multiverse itself; the Second Pillar is tasked with building and maintaining the axiomites' servitors, an army of inevitables; the Third Pillar occupies itself with managing Axis and the city's diplomatic relations. Axiomites of the Second Pillar are expansionist, but do this solely due to their wish to regulate the multiverse.12

Despite its three separate focuses, axiomite society moves with a single purpose. The race is collectively ruled by the Godmind of Axis, which is formally known as Transcendental Council of the Defined Infinite. Despite its name, the Godmind is not a deity, or a singular hive-mind entity. It is instead a composite of the greatest axiomite minds from each of the three focuses of their society. Referring to axiomites collectively is equatable to referring to the Godmind, and their actions are the Godmind's.1

As governance of Axis

Most of the time, it runs in the background of all axiomites' minds. Its most important processes are housed within axiomite hierarchs and primordial inevitables, a pantheon of demigods built by the axiomites as their servitors; they parse data even when the Godmind itself does not manifest.1

When necessary, the Godmind physically manifests at the Threefold Pillars as a single super intelligence, taking the form of a star formed from countless eldritch equations. The Godmind calculates the best course of action for the entire race, then splits back into its composite creatures to ensure its decision is carried out. This meeting of the Godmind occurs only when some previous calculation or plan of the Godmind goes awry, comes to completion, or requires drastic alteration.2

The last manifestation of the Godmind was in the wake of Aroden's death, which heralded the Age of Lost Omens. The manifestation lasted three days, and for those three days Axis ground to a halt. The Godmind rewrote its formulae and plans with variables and equations previously considered impossible, leading to the death of Aroden causing an upheaval in Axis equal to that on Golarion.3