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Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Qallupilluk
Gender Female
Homeland Nidal

Source: Nidal, Land of Shadows, pg(s). 20

Kialuk is a qallupilluk who took residence in Nidal after a vicious fight against her sisters over a stolen child, which saw her exiled from the Crown of the World. She built a hovel, known as Grayfrond, in the Usk Lake, which was too warm for her until she stole several crates of liquid ice from travelling Kuthite merchants. With the liquid ice, she froze her home to a more tolerable temperature and also cowed the lake's weaker inhabitants, but she fears that she will have to find a new lair if the liquid ice runs out, and is sending minions in search of anything that could maintain the lake's temperature.[1]


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