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Perhaps the least populated of Golarion's continents, the Crown of the World1 is certainly not the least traveled. Covered in glacial ice, the landmass sits atop the world and serves as a passage from Tian Xia to Avistan, the most well-known of which is called the Path of Aganhei. Traders and explorers frequently brave the harsh cold to reach the other side of the world via this shortest route.2


The Crown of the World is roughly divided into three geographical zones based on climate and distance from the North Pole. From south to north, they are the subarctic Outer Rim, which borders the more southerly continents, the polar ice cap known as the High Ice, and the cold desert surrounding the pole known as the Boreal Expanse.3 The continent's southern borders are the Rimethirst Mountains, over which lie Avistan, and the Wall of Heaven Mountains, which separate it from Tian Xia; cold seas separate the Crown from Casmaron and Arcadia.4 Despite its reputation as a frozen wasteland, the Crown hosts a vast expanse of rivers, mountains, wetlands, forests, and other biomes.[citation needed]


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Despite its inhospitable conditions, the Crown of the World contains numerous thriving cultures, most notably the Erutaki humans and Ilverani elves.2 The light furred Mitzenki catfolk are also found primarily across the Crown of the World.5 Most of the Crown's people live in isolated communities or tribal confederations; the only centralized nation on the continent is the dwarven kingdom of Zavaten Gura.6

Monsters such as white dragons, frost giants, wendigos, and remorhazes also inhabit the frigid continent. Furthermore, the ice holds the ruins of a highly advanced city built by the saumen kar known as the Nameless Spires, built to contain a great evil beneath the ice.7 Many miles below the Nameless Spires lies another mysterious city, whose inhabitants and founders are unknown, which once sat on the surface of Golarion but is now only accessible through the tunnels of Sekamina.289

Legend tells of the White Legion, an army of frost wights gathered in the Crown of the World. Their purpose is unknown, but there are fears that they are in league with Baba Yaga and her witch daughters.10


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