Jetrieti V

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Pharaoh Jetrieti V

Insatiable Pharaoh
Pharaoh of Osirion
Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 16

Pharaoh Jetrieti V of Osirion (ruled -2885 to -2866 AR) is best known for his ill-advised greed and gluttony. Also known as the Insatiable Pharaoh, Jetrieti V was obsessed with wealth and loved to cover his body with gold and jewels. When his coffers ran dry, he ordered his troops to raid a half-dozen of the closed tombs of his predecessors, stripping them of their funerary decorations and other valuables, and burning their mummified corpses in a massive pyre in Sothis. This greatly angered the spirits of the dead, and in response they animated their own corpses as mummies to exact revenge. They dragged the pharaoh to Azghaad's Spire and burnt him there alive. The charred outline of his body is still visible on the monument today, an eternal warning to those who would dishonor the dead. This event is believed by some Osirionologists to be the first appearance of undead Osirian mummies in history.12

Jetrieti V was succeeded by his son, Jetrieti VI, whose reign was unsurprisingly marked by far less greed and hubris.1