Jade Regent Player's Guide

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Jade Regent Player's Guide
Jade Regent Player's Guide
Author(s) James Jacobs and Patrick Renie
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price PDF: Free
Released August 2011
Type Sourcebook
Binding PDF
Pages 28 pages
Rules set PFRPG
Artwork from Jade Regent Player's Guide

The Jade Regent Player's Guide is a free PDF supplement written by James Jacobs and Patrick Renie designed to accompany the release of The Brinewall Legacy in August 2011.

The Jade Regent Player's Guide gives players all the spoiler-free information, inspiration, and new rules they'll need to create characters prepared for the mysteries and exotic wonders of the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Within, players of this campaign will find everything they need to create character backgrounds tied to personalities and events vital to Pathfinder Adventure Path's greatest step into lands unexplored, along with new campaign-specific traits to give bold adventurers the edge they'll need to take on the varied and unpredictable dangers of these new realms. New rules for caravans also give players the opportunity to build their own homes on the road, as well as conscript the companions and resources they'll need for this truly epic journey.