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Iranez of the Orb

of the Orb
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 131

Iranez of the Orb is a beautiful and powerful witch. She is one of the Three, who dominate Nex's ruling Council of Three and Nine.12


Despite now working for Nex, Iranez started out on the Gebbite side of the war using her incredible skills of divination to aid Geb. In 209 AR she attempted a personal attack on Nex's life, getting remarkably close and forcing him to create the Refuge of Nex. She ultimately failed and was killed by Elder Architect Oblosk but her skills and abilitiy to get so close to Nex earned her a lot of respect in the eyes of both men, leading to a deal with Pharasma to have her resurrected. For the last 4 millenia since that day she has served Nex loyally in various positions in its government, eventually rising to her place on the Three.3


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