Refuge of Nex

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Refuge of Nex

Demiplane refuge of Nex
Source: Lost Omens World Guide, pg(s). 75

The Refuge of Nex was created by the archmage Nex during his centuries-long war with his rival wizard Geb. Nex constructed it using a shard from his personal demiplane known as the Crux of Nex.1 The initial assassination attempt on him that led to him creating the refuge was by Iranez of the Orb, who so impressed him and Elder Architect Oblosk that this actually led to her gaining a seat in Nex's government.2

There is an entrance to the Refuge in the lower levels of the Bandeshar, Nex's erstwhile palace in Quantium. Nex fled into the Refuge in 576 AR, and many more have followed him in the centuries since. No one has ever re-emerged.34 In 4716 AR, the Refuge's gates opened again, stoking rumours about Nex's imminent return.5


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