Gritty River

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The Gritty River is the primary water source that courses through the Spellscar Desert, flowing eastward until it reaches the Obari Ocean. Once a wide riverbed, it has now become an unreliable waterway. During the late summer to fall, extensive stretches of the river dry up, creating marshy sandy areas interspersed with worn boulders that are as treacherous as quicksand. The remaining water in the river becomes stagnant until the flow resumes. The scarcity of water in this desert make this river a fiercely guarded resource by the local denizens.1

No matter the time of year, the water is so shallow that it is challenging to traverse unless using a canoe or barge.1

Notably, the water exhibits a strange turquoise hue in the sections of the river where there is a steady flow. This coloration is attributed to the presence of unusual minerals leached from the worn boulders lining the length of the river. Some think that these boulders might be remnants of ammunition used during conflicts between Nex and Geb. However, the origins of the boulders, which side deployed them, and the intended purpose of the minerals infused within them remains uncertain.1