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Nation Alkenstar
Level 8
Size Small town
Population 875
Demographics 85% human, 8% dwarves, 2% halflings, 5% other
Government Garrison commander (appointed military leader)
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Loy Ayton

Source: The Smoking Gun, pg(s). 66

The Gunworks of Alkenstar was built in 4620 AR[1] and has been the primary source of firearms in the Grand Duchy and the rest of Golarion ever since.[citation needed]


The Great Maw of Rovagug defends the Gunworks.

The Gunworks resembles a small castle, and is defended by the mighty bombard known as the Great Maw of Rovagug. The main perceived threat are the forces of the Gorilla King, which successfully raided the Gunworks in 4690 AR. However, the most frequent attacks are by giants from the Western Ravage—some of these raids actually resulted in firearms being stolen.[2]

Firearms manufacture

Manufacturing only one small-arms weapon a day and five siege weapons a year, one would think this massive facility highly inefficient considering its size and twelve-hour workdays. In fact, the Gunworks is capable of a much higher rate of production but maintains a slow schedule to keep the market price of the weapons artificially high by limiting supply. This conservative approach also helps ensure the small nation's safety, as it is estimated that Alkenstar keeps over ninety percent of the weapons they manufacture, making it one of the most heavily defended kingdoms in the Inner Sea region.[3] The slow production rate also allows a great deal of time to be spent on improving the science of firearm production.[2]


Paizo published a major article about the Gunworks in The Smoking Gun.

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