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Type Aberration
CR 25 / MR 10
Environment Any
Adjective Drakainia

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 76

The drakainia is a mother of monsters seething with raw, primal life energy.[1]


A drakainia has the upper body of a shapely, beautiful woman and the lower body consisting of a bloated belly with pulsating tumours and tentacles.[1]


The drakainia's writhing belly churns with gestating horrific, mutated abominations fighting each other: the weak are torn apart, leaving only the strong to be born. She is always protected by at least a handful of favoured children. With their help, she impregnates foes, male or female, with nauseating, monstrous embryos that burst forth from the victim's abdomen when born. These abominations are known as drakainia spawn.[1]

A drakainia's primal life energy stimulates poisons and diseases around her, and causes those born nearby to be mutated as if they were her offspring.[1]


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