Claidius Barronmor

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Claidius Barronmor

Master and Commander
Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 13

Master and Commander Claidius Barronmor was the head of the Knights of Ozem toward the end of the 39th century AR. In 3889 AR, in an effort to reclaim the glory of his knightly order, which had fallen since the days of the Shining Crusade 60 years earlier, he ordered seven knights to infiltrate the Gebbite capital of Mechitar, in preparation for an eventual full-scale invasion of Geb. All of the knights, including his own grandson Amaretos, were killed in Mechitar, and animated as graveknights by the country's ghostly ruler, Geb. Claidius' invasion ended up to be an utter failure, as the crusaders who made it to Geb were killed, and the others were forced to retreat. He later died in disgrace.123


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