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Amaretos Manslayer

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Amaretos Manslayer

Source: Gardens of Gallowspire, pg(s). 56

Amaretos Manslayer, real name Amaretos Barronmor, is the leader of the Council Libertine, a group of Knights of Ozem from Lastwall transformed into graveknights to serve as the bodyguards and jailers of Arazni.1


Amaretos is a tall man with a striking gaze, both in life and undeath. He is a natural blond and has a short, falling beard. He wears a mithral armor adorned with gold and platinum, originally gifted by Geb when he was still alive. It is constantly spattered with blood to remind him of how he failed the Knights of Ozem.1


Amaretos is the grandson of Claidius Barronmor, a high-ranking admiral in Lastwall's navy. He was named after Claidius' father, a hero of the Shining Crusade.1


Amaretos is the leader of the Council Libertine, which currently consists of four members outside of Amaretos himself: Seldeg Bhedlis, Gustari Fallenstag, Tycha Ghuzmaar and Yhalas. Two others, Ammar Ilverazto and Andvard Prollin, have previously been destroyed by the Knights of Ozem. Together, they serve as Arazni's bodyguards and jailers. Arazni has been mentally conditioned to be unable to raise a hand against any of them.23


Amaretos grew up in training and faith. Swept up in the glorious stories of battle against evil and with few veterans still alive to tell of the Shining Crusade's brutality, young Amaretos was disillusioned in Lastwall's new role as prison guards waging skirmishes against bands of orcs. He dreamt of reclaiming his great-grandfather's purpose and glory by fighting a war against evil in the name of Iomedae. His wealth and charisma attracted followers to his vision, and Amaretos became convinced that Lastwall had lost its way and needed a war to reclaim it.1

Eventually, Amaretos managed to win over his grandfather Claidius. Seeing Lastwall's past and future embodied in his grandson, Claidius planned an invasion of Geb, a distant nation ruled by an undead wizard-king much like Tar-Baphon, hoping that such a war would draw Lastwall into glorious battle under the leadership of his grandson, the greatest hero.1

Claidius sent Amaretos and six other Knights of Ozem to infiltrate Mechitar, capital of Geb, to gather information and scout out allies in preparation of the invasion. His companions were quickly captured by Geb and transformed into graveknights, while the ensuing invasion was an utter defeat as those crusaders who made it to Geb were slaughtered, and the rest were forced to retreat. All the while, Geb made no effort to imprison Amaretos, instead bestowing lavish gifts and luxury upon him. The ashamed Amaretos, unable to return home after his glorious purpose had led to such a catastrophic failure, and unwilling to commit suicide as he would have to meet Iomedae in the afterlife, eventually asked Geb to transform him into a graveknight like he did with his companions. His request was granted by Geb after he killed a prisoner of war captured during his grandfather's ill-fated invasion.45

Geb appointed Amaretos leader of the Council Libertine, just like how he originally led them to Mechitar, and sent them to raid Vigil and steal the corpse of Arazni so Geb could reanimate her as a lich. Amaretos hates Lastwall for the lies of glory it instilled in him, and seeks to humiliate the Knights of Ozem just like how he himself was humiliated in life.25


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