Battle of Three Sorrows

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Then-mortal Iomedae and the Knights of Ozem battle Erum-Hel and his undead minions during the Shining Crusade.

The Battle of Three Sorrows was fought during the Shining Crusade and occurred in 3823 AR.12 It is chiefly remembered for being the place where that the Whispering Tyrant chose to return the body of Arazni, the slain herald of Aroden, to the Knights of Ozem. It is also told that the then mortal Iomedae battled Erum-Hel, Lord of Mohrgs, and caused him such a grievous wound, that he retreated to the Darklands realm of Orv.1 This latter fight was enshrined as the fifth of the eleven Acts of Iomedae, stories collected by the followers of the Inheritor to serve as examples of great virtue and valor.2


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