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Aurek Roderic

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Aurek Roderic
Sir Aurek Roderic.

Sir Aurek Roderic
Source: Secrets of Roderic's Cove, pg(s). 21

Sir Aurek Roderic was the founder of the port town of Roderic's Cove in Varisia. Around 4638 AR, the privateer Sir Roderic1 led a group of emigrants from Magnimar to found the port town. In the years after the town's founding, he protected the town, fighting against the predations of Riddleport's pirates. He sailed the Varisian Gulf, thwarting raiders, and these actions earned him Riddleport's ire. Ten years after the founding of Roderic's Cove (around 4648 AR), a group of pirates from Riddleport finally caught Sir Roderic out sailing with his family and sank his ship in full view of the Cove's populace.2

Sir Roderic was also an accomplished cartographer. He created numerous maps of the gulf and the rivers he explored that fed into it. These maps now reside in Cove Hall in the town's archives.3


  1. Varisian use of the title "Sir" differs from real-world use where it always precedes the forename. In this case, the use of Sir before the surname, as in "Sir Roderic", is widely used throughout the Paizo source. Furthermore, there is no indication in the source whether Roderic acquired the rank or not of knight.
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