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Red dragon
Source: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, pg(s). 3

Asuulek is an ancient red dragon who lives in the volcano Asuulek's Mouth in western Osirion.1 Asuulek is mostly dormant unlike the volcano in which he lairs, which constantly spews forth smoke and steam. Asuulek is so fearsome that all travellers know to avoid the volcano that bears his name. Asuulek, when not dormant, indulges in destructive rampages through the surrounding area. Asuulek has not been nearly so destructive during the reign of the Ruby Prince. Rumor has it he may have taken an interest in the ruins beneath the neighboring volcano Sokar's Boil. These rumors claim that during an illegal excavation on the slopes of Sokar's Boil, not only was an ancient temple found, but sealed doors leading into the very heart of the volcano itself.2


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