Wild cards (Pathfinder Adventures)

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Pathfinder adventures have three difficulty levels: normal, heroic and legendary. When playing with heroic level, plaer get one wild card, when playing with Legendary level, player get two wild cards.

Wild cards

  • Impending Doom: The blessing deck includes 5 Fewer cards
  • Retaliation: When you defeat a monster, roll 1d6. On 1, you Are dealt 1 fire damage.
  • Full pack: when you accuire a weapon, armor or an ally, bury a card.
  • Night approaches: when you fail to accuire a boon, discard the top card of the blessing deck.
  • Darkest Night: The difficulty to defeat a bane is increased by 2 (3)
  • An ill wind: the difficulty of check to accuire a boon is increased by 2 (3)
  • Painfull memories: When you accuire a spell, an item or blessing, bury a card.
  • Blood in the sand: When you discard more than 1 card as damage From combat check, bury 1 of those cards.
  • Driving rain: Difficulty of all checks increased by 1 (2)
  • Arrow Traps: When you defeat a barrier, roll 1d4. At 1, you Are dealt 2 ranged combat damage.