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Review of index writing guide (2015-04-07) by Fleanetha

Here is a list of points then based on the version current on 7 April 2015. I'd prefer to comment here and leave you as 'master owner' otherwise we might end up with a real mess through multiple hands and disagreements:

  1. In the first section, let's add a point that it does not matter if a page exists for the term or not - red links within an index are fine.
    1. Done. Add "even if the term doesn't currently exist in the wiki." --M
  2. I think the example and its code should be moved to the bottom of the help as it breaks up the discussion too soon. We can reference it here but push the example lower.
    1. The reason why I included it so early is because there's a LOT of stylistic guides and tips and instructions on how to create an index, and getting into the thick of it without seeing what an index actually looks like first could be confusing. "Wait, why are we talking about locations and possible subcategories and default subcategories, and ...", etc. --M
    2. Compromised. Rendered example stays at top, following by description, followed by sample code. --M
  3. Under Characters: maybe we should refer to the new templates that could be used in this section.
    1. Done. Moved {{death}} and {{viewpoint}} up under Characters. --M
  4. Under Creatures: reword 4th bullet to start with a word except 'other' or remove entirely for clarity. Then say any 'Type' of creature may be added as a separate subcategory if it is particularly important to the work and contains many entities. Otherwise, placing it in 'Other' is fine.
    1. Replaced "Other subcategories should..." with "Further subcategories should..." --M
    2. Added "Any type of creature may become a a separate subcategory if it contains many entries." --M
  5. Under Items: same wording above about addition of subcats
    1. Replaced "Other subcategories should..." with "Further subcategories should..." --M
    2. Added "Any type of item may become a a separate subcategory if it contains many entries." --M
  6. Under Locations: between bullet 3 & 4 we have nowhere in the text as written for non-Golarion Material Plane entities. I wonder if we couldn't delineate cities from countries from other elements by a slightly darker or lighter green?
    1. Added a "Material Plane" level. --M
    2. Moved color discussion to Forum:Inline indexes?. Didn't have much luck finding six muted. --M
    3. Also started the list with minor settlements instead of major cities. --M
  7. Under Other:
    1. I'd change 'are likely-to-appear default' to 'are likely to appear as regular'
      1. Done. -M.
    2. The last bullet omits 'Unknown' which should be the last subcat
      1. Done. -M.
    3. I'd guess Magic is a pretty standard one too and should go in the standard template/
      1. Done. -M.
    4. we need to decide on colours for the Other section - I think I'd like them to reflect their infoboxes too - I'll play with Reign of Stars to see if it looks too garish.
      1. Hate this idea. Discussion moved to Forum:Inline indexes? --M
  8. Perhaps, if we like it, add the new construct I placed in the forum for unnamed entities with mods made in review today?
    1. Done. --M
  9. Style guides, tips, and considerations
    1. Significance. Why don't we say 'Significant Characters' and 'Other Characters' and do away then with the need for the {{s}} on every entity in the 'Major' line? I am going to change this - we ran into problem with major and minor before.
      1. Done. --M
    2. {{death}}: this is a bit of a spoiler on a page that people are likely to visit before reading the book and, currently, we don't have spoiler badges on novel pages (and would we really want them)? On reflection maybe we should consider not having this template and adding any death information to the linked character page where we can place a spoiler badge more usefully? Sorry - I know it takes time to generate these. Am happy to be persuaded.
      1. Agreeable. Removed from guide and my indexes; you've one in Reign of Stars. --M
    3. I still dislike the [...] comments in this new index but have yet to find an alternative. Oznogon had an interesting idea re this though.
    4. I like all your comments on this morning's formatting changes so will change and we can make the help page consistent.
    5. On the example at the bottom: that will need realigning with the new help guidance plus 'Pathfinder' should always be capitalized with reference to the organization, I believe.
      1. That's not meant to be an "example" for the guide. Just my literal in-progress next-index sandbox. --M