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From PathfinderWiki
The third annual RPG Superstar contest begins this Friday.

Paizo Publishing announced today that the open call for entries in the third annual RPG Superstar contest will begin on Friday, December 4, 2009. Eligible contestants are asked to submit a 300-word wondrous item, the top 32 of which will be voted on to determine who moves on to the next round of the competition. Celebrity judges this year include Paizo's own Sean K Reynolds and F. Wesley Schneider, Necromancer Games' Clark Peterson, and the top four finalists from RPG Superstar 2009. The winner of this year's contest will be announced on March 23, 2010 and will be granted a contract to write a 32-page Pathfinder Modules adventure, the outline of which will serve as their entry in the final round of voting. Past winners include Christine Schneider, whose Clash of the Kingslayers was released in January 2009, and Neil Spicer, whose Realm of the Fellnight Queen is scheduled for release in January of next year.

Best of luck to all entrants. Let's see if we can get a PathfinderWiki chronicler in the top 32 this year!