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Fans of gaming-themed webcomic are probably no stranger to Mortellan's wonderful World of Greyhawk. And Mortellan's apparently no stranger to PathfinderWiki either! Check out the shoutout in his most recent Greyhawk/Golarion crossover (in which the deities of Greyhawk play a Golarion gods in their home campaign): link!

Yes, Wee-Jas would indeed be proud.

Wee-Jas and Pharasma go WAY back. They actually went to the same boarding school. Interesting fact: Rovagug and Tharizdun went to the same school, where they were pals and were always hatching some hair-brained scheme to devour all of reality. True story. —Aeakett (talk) Fri, 15 Oct 2010 12:35:18 +0000